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Hello friends, and maybe enemies depending on what your fetish is or maybe you dont know me and you are taking the time out of your busy schedule just to find out things about me.Heres some history for the people who care. I'm Christopher Howard Mollet, I was born on May 24, 1989 in Albers IL, to Barb Sweet and Eric Mollet. I had a sister at the time who was 4 when I was born her name is Emily Rose Mollet she is now 18 and goes to SLU College. When I was 5 my mother and father got divorced and I was sent with my sister to live with my mother at my grandparents house because when my mom and dad got divorced my mom didnt have a job to support us. My mother went back to school to get her nursing degree and she got a job at BAC. When I was 7 my mother bought a computer and found my future Stepfather Robert Francis Leblanc. Now  I am 15 and all grown up with 2 sisters Jenna age 6, and Emily age 18. I have a wonderful G/F Sarah M. Bursich she is the greatest thing thats happend to me since I discovered SKI... Ya I Know Perdy Crazy. You know what the best thing about the divorce was my mother and father are still friends.

Qoute of the Month:Be what you want to be, Not what other people want you to.



For You

I'd do anything for you

If I had to, I'd die

I'd take a thousand bullets

As long as you're still alive

I'd carry your pain

I'd drag it for miles

Just so you have no pain

Just to see you smile

I love you

Like a fire loves air

I love you

All I do for you is care

No one can compare to you

I love everything that you are

To me you're perfect

Even with the flaws and scars

They make you what you are

Beautiful and real

I know every inch of you

And that's still how I feel

I love you

Like a fire loves air

I love you

All I do for you is care

I want to be the one who takes care of you

I want to heal you when you cry

I want to be the one who makes you smile

I want to be the one who makes you fly